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offers affordable extended duration online music course lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced level of integrated online music learning, the online music learning programsincluding the vocal singing – voice lessons online and the online lessons for learning to play the musical instruments “Guitar, Sitar, Table, Bansuri, Harmonium” are conducted on Skype.

Online Music Lessons

Online Music Lessons

Divine Indian Music Center offering online music lessons is an e-learning platform and the best convenient and cost effective distance learning program for the global music students. The low cost priced online music class lessons enable the learners to learn how to sing and how to play musical instruments from any skill level using an interactive and guided music course with well structured music curriculum to help understand and practice music as hobby – learning all about music, music basics and music notations, learning music theory and practice vocal music – learning how to sing professionally and to practice instrumental music professionally – how to play musical instruments.

The online music lessons cost – the music learning fee schedule for extended term beginner, intermediate and advanced level of online music classes is:

Music Classes – Online Lessons & Fees


Beginner Level One

Examination by : Hari Shankar and Nidhi Shankar

Eligibility : Fresher – Age : Minimum 5 Years, No Maximum Age Limit.

Online Classes : 1 hour duration each.

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Beginner Level Two

Examination by : Divine Indian Music Center

Eligibility : Passed Beginner Level I / Equivalent 3-6 months of training.

Number of Online Classes : 20 Leasons of 1 hr duration each.

Course Duration : 6 Months

Beginner Level Three

Examination and Certificate by : Divine Indian Music Center

Eligibility : Passed Beginner Level II / Equivalent 6-9 months of training.

Number of Online Classes : 3 Lessons of 1 hr Duration each.

Course Duration : Maximum 6 months.

Payable on weekly basis.

International Students – Indian Music Lessons – English Language

Class(es) Fee

(Sunday class also possible)


7:00 am to 9:00 pm indian time

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