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Music Definition in The Way of Divine Indian Music Center

Music is a sound that sounds pleasant to the ears that is bound in tone, rhythm, rhythm and gives us inner bliss. There are also two types of sound. Sweet sound and husky sound. Sweet sound belongs to music and husky sound cannot be called music.

Hari Shankar

Music converts our negative energy into positive energy which heals all the senses of our heart, soul and body through which all the cells of the body become healthy and happy.Music instills emotions in us, like love, devotion, compassion, mother love, unity etc.

The effect of music is not only internally but also in the outer form .as far as the sound of music goes, all the trees, animals, birds and roots conscious are affected by it. Through this sound, positive energy also flows in them, which gives them a feeling of health and happiness.

Music is considered the simplest means of interviewing God. When the tone of music affects our soul in a subtle way, then the feeling of God starts in the tone. Therefore, the voice is the form of God, which pervades everywhere.

We have students from all around the world, of all skill levels and from all age ranges. Accelerate your music development with teaching focused 100% on you. Develop the correct music foundations and get positive feedback on your progress. We focus on music lessons that are learning in a mindful and meditative way.

Divine Indian Music Center


  • Private 1 on 1 lessons for your specific instrument.
  • Instrument provided or bring your own.
  • Improvement of left right brain balance.
  • Music theory and notes.​​

Lessons focused on

  • Building strong foundations for your instrument.
  • How to play music in groups, jams and performance.
  • The art of controlling beats, understanding rhythms, chords, scales and also off beats.
  • Lessons for beginners, intermediate and advance.
  • Knowledge in Indian classical raga.
  • How to play in Indian and or Western styles.
  • We focus on building the connect of the left and right brain and balancing them.
  • Interactive lessons

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