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Divine Indian Music Center

teaches Flute, Straight Flute, Sitar, Tabla, Djembe, Harmonica, Harmonium, Hang drum, Pantum, string instruments (Guitar and Ukulele) and Voice development.

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Music is a performing art form that can seem complex to learn but is one of the most beautiful experiences ever! With Divine Indian Music Online School you can master the instrument of your choice in the most convenient way. These interactive online classes are conducted by certified teachers through modern E-learning methods that saves you a lot of time. A extra-ordinary online music learning experience awaits you!

We have students from all around the world, of all skill levels and from all age ranges. Accelerate your music development with teaching focused 100% on you. Develop the correct music foundations and get positive feedback on your progress. We focus on music lessons that are learning in a mindful and meditative way.

Divine Indian Music Center


  • Private 1 on 1 lessons for your specific instrument.
  • Instrument provided or bring your own.
  • Improvement of left right brain balance.
  • Music theory and notes.​​

Lessons focused on

  • Building strong foundations for your instrument.
  • How to play music in groups, jams and performance.
  • The art of controlling beats, understanding rhythms, chords, scales and also off beats.
  • Lessons for beginners, intermediate and advance.
  • Knowledge in Indian classical raga.
  • How to play in Indian and or Western styles.
  • We focus on building the connect of the left and right brain and balancing them.
  • Interactive lessons
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